Shipping Policy

shipping policy
Product delivery time:
The products you ordered will be shipped within 3 days after payment is confirmed.
*We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and cannot be shipped.
Shipping method:
①Items will be shipped directly to customers from our warehouse in China.
A.After arriving in Japan by airmail, the item will be delivered to Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport, so it is expected that it will take approximately 4 to 7 business days to arrive.
B. Other countries adopt logistics channels such as UPS, DHL, EMS, etc., and delivery time is expected to take 10-20 days.
(If shipping has just started, the tracking number may not be registered at the time of inquiry, but this is normal. If you have any questions, please contact us via official LINE or email.)
②Items will be shipped from Amazon's warehouse to customers.
Amazon warehouse requests are typically responded to within 3-14 business days. Also, please note that when requesting product delivery from an Amazon warehouse, a label may be affixed to the package.
Please note: We ship according to the number of items in stock at each warehouse, and cannot be specified.
After confirming your order, we will ship it within 3 working days.
*Our company is closed on weekends and holidays.
*For products listed as [pre-order] on the product page, the delivery date will be displayed on the corresponding product page.
About canceling an order
1. Orders can only be canceled until ready to ship. (Weekdays: until 9:30 am)
In the above case, even if no shipping notice is sent, it is ready to ship.
Please note that even in this case, the customer is still responsible for the company's shipping fee, the cost of returning the goods to the company, and the settlement processing fee (4%).
To prevent this from happening, please double check your order.
2. Pre-sold items cannot be canceled after settlement.
Wrinkles, scratches (burrs, welding marks, etc.), friction marks, seams, material creases, fine stains, black spots, etc. that inevitably appear during the manufacturing process of the product manufacturing factory are also subject to the appearance inspection standard. We make ""defect-free product"" judgments and conduct online sales and transactions.
For these reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please understand and purchase in advance.
About delivery fee
Due to different delivery destinations, shipping costs are also different, and shipping costs will vary in different time periods.
Please confirm the final amount when paying.
If the product cannot be received due to the customer's reasons, the product is returned to the company, and if it is necessary to resend it, the cost of returning to the company and the cost of resending will be borne by the customer.
In addition, if the customer requests cancellation on the grounds that these costs are incurred, our company will not accept it at all, please understand. Return returns will be billed for the actual cost by mail. Regarding the re-delivery fee, since it is a cash-on-delivery method, you will pay when the item arrives.
The return address is designated by our company. Please confirm the return address before sending it back.
If you return without confirming the return address, our company will not contact you for confirmation. Since the reason for the return is unknown, please allow our company to process it.
Regarding the return of the quality problem of our company's products, the return fee will be borne by our company.
If the customer returns the product due to subjective reasons, the cost of sending it back to the company will be borne by the customer.
In addition, if the customer orders the wrong color, etc., the return fee to our company shall be borne by the customer, and the shipping fee at the time of re-delivery shall be borne by the customer because it will be paid by cash in delivery.