Privacy Policy

GOGlamping (hereinafter referred to as ""the company"") understands the importance of processing personal information and abides by relevant laws and regulations. In order to ensure that personal information is properly handled by the company, we will process personal information in the following ways. We will establish a policy (hereinafter referred to as ""this policy"") in an effort to educate and guide our employees.

1. Applicable scope
This policy applies to users who use the ""GOGlamping online store (PC website, smartphone website, application software)"", the website of each brand of the company's products, and other related websites operated by the company (hereinafter referred to as ""users""). Common Basic Policy Regarding the Processing of Personal Information.

2. Definition of personal information
In this policy, ""personal information"" refers to personal information as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, that is, information about living individuals, including name, date of birth, and other information that can identify a specific individual through description, etc. ( Including information that can be easily compared with other information to identify a specific individual) or PIN means information that includes the following.

3. Acquisition of personal information
In order to provide customers with our related services, we may ask customers to provide necessary personal information after clarifying the purpose of use.
We will not force you to provide this personal information. Please provide at your own discretion. However, if you do not provide it, you may not be able to use some or all of our services.

4. Purpose of use
We will use the personal information of customers we obtain for the following purposes.
For the smooth provision of this service, etc.
● Answer and respond to inquiries
●For sending products and items
●Respond to violations of our rules, policies, etc.
● for identity verification
●Notify and contact customers about important matters related to our products and services
● To improve our services and develop new ones
● Promotion of events and advertisements, etc. to customers who have agreed
●For safety measures

5. Security management of personal information
In order to prevent the acquired information from being leaked, lost, damaged, tampered with, unauthorized access, etc., we will appropriately take necessary measures such as maintaining a security system and formulating a management system, implementing security measures, and we strive to protect and manage it.

6. Provision of information to third parties
Except for the following cases, we will not provide or publicly obtain personal information to third parties.
●With the consent of the customer
● When specified in the terms of use of this service
● When required by law

7. Confirmation and correction
When a customer requests correction, addition, or deletion of content (hereinafter referred to as ""correction, etc."") in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act on the grounds that the personal information is not true, we will use the information from the customer after confirming the request, and we will use it to achieve the purpose of use Immediately conduct necessary investigations within the required scope, and correct the contents of personal information, etc. according to the results. We will notify the customer (if we decide not to make corrections, etc., we will notify the customer). However, this does not apply if the store is not obliged to make corrections, etc. under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations.

8. Amendments to this policy
We may revise this policy as necessary. Please be sure to check the latest version of this policy when using this service. At any time, you are deemed to agree to the latest version of this policy.

9. Cookies, etc.
Our Services may use cookies and similar technologies. These technologies help us understand how our services are used and help us improve them. Users who wish to disable cookies may do so by changing their web browser settings. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some features of our Services.