Payment Policy

Q: What payment method can I choose?
A: When ordering at the GOGlamping online store, you can choose PayPal or credit card payment method.
●The credit cards that can be used are cards with the VISA and MASTER logos.
●Please select "Credit Settlement" on the "Specify Order Method" side and proceed to the next step. Please enter your credit card information on the "Confirm Order Contents" screen and specify the number of times you want to pay.

Q: Is the payment safe?
The settlement agency service company used by the GOGlamping online store is LianLian Global.
Create a safe and secure settlement environment from pre-payment to payment and after payment.

Q: Is there any service fee for overseas transactions?
A: With regard to overseas transaction fees, depending on the address and country, the bank may charge an overseas transaction fee.
Please note that this handling fee is not required by our company. Our company does not bear the responsibility for that cost. If in doubt, check with the credit card company you use. Thank you for your understanding.