Warranty Policy

The product is in the normal use state based on the manual, and in the event of a failure within the warranty period, the customer can repair, replace, and deliver maintenance parts in accordance with the following contents.
Customers need to present receipts, delivery notes, etc. that show the date of purchase, and then consult our company's product support.

[Product Warranty Contents]
1. The initial defect response period is 30 days from the date of purchase or the date of product arrival.
During the initial defect response period, in case there is a product defect or shortage of parts, please be sure to file an application within the initial defect response period. If the function can be restored by simple adjustment and parts replacement, we will ask the customer to make adjustments or replace the parts sent by our company.

※The return of defective products and the delivery cost of exchanged products will be borne by our company.
Wrinkles, scratches (burrs, welding marks, etc.), friction marks, seams, material creases, fine stains, black spots, etc. that inevitably appear during the manufacturing process of the product manufacturing factory are also subject to the appearance inspection standard. We make ""defect-free product"" judgments and conduct online sales and transactions.
For these reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please understand and purchase in advance.

2. The product guarantee period is 90 days from the date of purchase or the date of product arrival.
Within 90 days from the date of order (Note), if the product you use has a defective phenomenon, after confirming that the phenomenon is a defective product of our company, we will accept the corresponding correspondence such as replacement or repair of the same product as our company deems appropriate. Shipping costs at that time will be borne by our company.
(Note: Pre-orders are not included. Pre-orders will be counted from ship date.)

If the product is sold out, the stock is zero, etc., the same product cannot be exchanged or repaired due to the company's reasons, and if the company cannot judge that it is an appropriate response, it may be replaced with an equivalent product or refund the price of the product. Please understand in advance.

Warranty does not apply
The warranty does not apply even within the warranty period in cases like the following.
・Painted surface, plated surface, metal surface, deterioration of coating, tape peeling, mold, other similar failures, deterioration and discoloration of plastic and other resin parts due to insufficient maintenance, improper storage, and the passage of time, inner tubes, etc. Damage, loss, deformation, air leakage of consumables such as rubber, bearings and other rotating parts, movable parts, hooks, ropes, rods, cloth, etc.
・It has been used, washed, cleaned or repaired
・When the smell of cigarettes, perfume, tobacco, etc., dirt, or scratches appear.
・If the tag or label of the product is damaged, lost, or detached.
・If the condition of the item at the time of return is significantly different from the condition at the time of delivery (including box and accessories).
- Does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse or wear of color or material over time.
・When purchasing from a seller other than our company; when reselling (used goods) or transferring.
・Malfunction or damage caused by non-recommended use
・When the user can restore the function by simple adjustment.
・We do not accept returns for international shipping orders.