About Us

Brand GOGlamping
Establishment time 2021.2.14
Business content Development, manufacturing, and sales of outdoor products
Sales channel https://www.amazon.co.jp/goglamping
Customer Email Address goglamping@hotmail.com
[GOGlamping logo design]

"G" is designed to look like you are holding a megaphone, and "GO" is an image of an eye that explores nature.
The logo represents the GOGLAMPING brand's mission: ``Let's go camping!'' to feel nature and free yourself.

[Concept of GOGlamping ]

With the brand concept of "Let's go camping, nature is luxury", GOGlamping pursues a model that allows people and nature to live in harmony from the user's point of view.We aim to create outdoor camping products with "exploration", "innovation" and "eco" as the core.
Glamping may seem like a luxury camp, but for modern people, time spent in nature - the moonlight and the chirping of insects, the morning dew and the sun shining through the trees - is the ultimate "luxury".
Go camping to get close to nature, release your mind, relieve stress, and enjoy a more comfortable outdoor life!
Let's GO Glamping!

[GOGlamping team ]

The GOGlamping team is all young and passionate about the outdoors.
Our team is always looking for new ideas and innovative designs, taking user feedback and Suggestions very seriously, and always striving to provide products tailored to customer needs.
In addition, we constantly verify and improve the quality and function of our products, and strive to provide outdoor experiences in harmony with nature by sticking to high-quality materials and creative designs.

[GOGlamping Character]

Nice to meet you, I'm GO GO, GOGlamping's mascot character. (〃'▽'〃)
I live in a concrete forest. Rich and convenient, but I'm often tired and there's no place to relax.
One day, a friend invited me to go camping, saying that nature would soothe my tiredness.
I set out on the path of solo camping with some skepticism.
In no time, I learned to live with nature, felt it, and found a way to find balance in my life.
When you're tired of city life, step into nature and free yourself.
I am now an ambassador for camp life!
ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
"Let's go camping, nature is a luxury."
Let’s GO Glamping!

[GOGO] also has its own stamps.

We will continue to update more cute and interesting GOGO stamps!
Stay tuned~
[GOGO's CAMPING LIFE] stamps are now available on LINE STORE!
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